Five Amazing American Women

Five women in history you may or may not know that accomplished amazing things in their lifetimes.
1. Elizabeth Jennings Graham- know as the Rosa Parks of the 1800's was a school teacher on her way to church that refused to be kicked off of a carriage.
2. Kate Shelley- Iowa hero who prevented a train accident and the deaths of 200 people and two people from the first train crash.
3. Deborah Sampson Gannett- First woman in history to join the American Army. On her first try to sign on, an officer noticed that she “wrote like a girl” and sent her away. She was injured twice and was treated like a soldier should be.
4. Sybil Ludington- Rode the same night as Paul Revere and covered twice as much distance. She also had to fight off a highway man along the way.
5. Sacagawea- sixteen year old new mother who agreed to guide Lewis and Clark, my favorite gay couple, through the wild American West. Her knowledge of edible plants was useful, among many other skills.

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